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Fucoxanthin- Blocks the PPAR GAMMA Gene in your body, which is the gene responsible for the production of new fat cells. So you will only have to worry about burning the fat you currently have. It also bursts your white fat cells into heat energy. So its attacking a totally different fat cell compared to all of your stimulant fat burners that focus on brown fat cells.

Bitter Melon- Regulates blood sugar levels

Contains your T2 hormone, pre cursors to your T3, and T4 hormone, So this is going to skyrocket your thyroid production. And we all know that your thyroid is in charge of two things, your core body temp, and your metabolism. Most Americans have an underactive thyroid to a certain degree. For most people, this is one of the biggest reasons Vanquish melts fat off so fast. It gets your thyroid pumping how it should into high gear.

Resveratrol-  Anti aging, and cell rejuvenation.

B Complex for natural energy production that are depleted when you intake any kind of stimulants, including coffee or a stimulant fat burner. Will prevent the “crash” you get from these type of products.