Hellfire Thermo

Hellfire Thermo

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Innovative Labs Hell Fire is a Thermogenic fat burner and diet aid that has some of the most powerful benefits available! Hell Fire is the new, beyond extreme fat burner that sets a new standard for the diet and weight loss industry. With a combination of both DMHA and Ephedra Extract in its formula, Hell Fire is a potent Stimulant-powered fat burner that is not for beginners, but for experienced fat burner users looking for results. 

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Hell Fire W/ Ephedra Extract Benefits

  • Thermogenic Fat Burning
  • Provides All-Day Energy
  • Helps Increase Your Metabolism
  • Helps Burn Fat Quickly
  • Stimulant-Powered Energy
  • Contains DMHA & Ephedra Extract

How Do I Take Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Hell Fire W/ Ephedra Extract?

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals recommends taking one (1) Capsule after breakfast. Do not take more than three (3) Capsules per day. For maximum results, do not take for more than 8 weeks without taking 2 weeks off.